Hello and welcome! (or welcome back!)

Annoying, witty, strange, coffee obsessed, these are all words you can use to describe me.  Maybe you’ve been here before, maybe you’ve stumbled into this mess. Either way, HELLO!  My name is Nichole, and I love bread. Although, I don’t write about bread at all really.If you’re interested in a  sometimes  humorous, maybe a little too real blog of someone who is just pulling through life, like everyone else, you’ve come to the right place. This is a blog that shows exactly that and has nothing to do with bread even though the name leads you to believe otherwise! I am here to tell you about the things I have learned and about my misadventures along the way. I complain a lot and blame a lot on imaginary people I created just to pass blame.  Welcome to the mess that is my life and my blog! Now that you’ve found your way here, feel free to snoop around and talk trash about me in the comments.

I don’t know what i’m doing, for that i’m sorry and you’re welcome!

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