We have given in to GoFundMe

It isn’t looking good guys.

I have accepted that we will have a mountain of medical bills. I have come to terms with the fact that a real, taxpaying job may be in my future and I can’t stay in the comfort of my home and watch children for an extra income. I am okay that every waking moment I am doing everything but going to the bathroom for my husband. What I have not come to terms with is the fact that we have become so desperate that we are begging strangers for money on the internet. Including all of you. WE HAVE A GO FUND ME 

I’m not too happy about asking other people for help, or tweeting social media influencers hoping one of them will retweet it so it will gain traction. I am not happy that I am up in the middle of the night stressing about money, but here I am. We need $2500 to pay our mortgage, electricity, w/s/g, and many other bills.

Why do you guys need help? Thats what you’re thinking right?

Well, I will lay this lovely picture out. Scott got hurt, not on the job, so his job won’t let him work. They wont even let him work in the office because they “have nothing for him to do.” Scott had to apply for unemployment, which means they had to set his employment status to laid off.

Scott doesn’t have the greatest job anyway. He gets paid a decent amount per hour, but to make good money involves him having work. Scott worked 3 days this last pay period before his accident. HOORAY FOR EVERYTHING I JUST SAID, amirite? Stress does not begin to explain what I am feeling. I am feeling defeated, I am feeling like we’re drowning. I am feeling like there is just no way this is going to work unless we ask for help.

So I am asking all of you, will you please help?

One dollar, five dollars, share it to all of your friends, tweet it and tag people with crazy amounts of followers to see if it gains any attention. I will even make it easy, https://www.gofundme.com/scott-nicholes-bill-help-fund theres the link, all you have to do is copy and paste.

I am such a ball of nerves I haven’t been sleeping. I am petrified. I feel sick. I need an adult.

To everyone reading this, to everyone that helps, to everyone everywhere, I’m sorry, and thank you.


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