The other shoe

Remember how I said I’m just waiting for the other shoe to drop? Well, it happened, so sit back, relax, and let me take you on a little ride down story time lane!

We have a slope for a driveway. A hill, if you will. At the bottom a nice thick layer of ice has formed that my husband has finally had enough of and decided to remove. To remove the ice he was using a digging bar for those of you that don’t know what that is, it looks like this

All was going well, half of the driveway was done and I can hear the thud of my awesome husband hard at work.

All of the sudden, I hear a dragging foot, panic, and a screaming husband.

Husband-Fuck fuck fuck, help me get my boot off!! Turn on the light, fucking take my damn boot off for me!!!

Me- what happened?

H- I fucking hurt myself obviously

As I’m taking off his boot, I’m seeing him in tears, it’s one of the handful of times since I have met him and adrenaline is starting to build through my body as I start to realize he’s really hurt.

M- no I mean like what happened? How did you hurt yourself?

H- I missed the ice with the bar and hit my foot, I think I shattered something, I thought I severed my toe I don’t know I think I crushed something!

M- I’m calling your mom

H- I’m not a kid, don’t call my mom

M- I’m calling your mother how do you think we’re going to get you to the hospital?

H- we aren’t going to the hospital.

M- alright, we aren’t, get up and walk

H- I can’t, it hurts like I broke something.

M- I’m calling your mom, we’re going to the hospital.

I run down the list of people to call,

His Mom- no answer

His Dad- no answer

His Grandma- you guessed it no answer.

He calls his brother and he answers but doesn’t have a way to come get us.

Finally we get ahold of our self proclaimed “shaved Sasquatch” friend Clayton. He’s on his way, and then EVERYONE I called calls me back, almost in order. I have to explain repeatedly what happened and that we have a ride to the hospital, no he doesn’t have health insurance, we’ll figure that out later.

On to the fun part..

We waited in a room filled with flu victims and the regular hypochondriacs that knew all the nurses and they all knew them. It felt like we were waiting an eternity.

About an hour and a half later

They took his vitals, asked him the same questions six times, spoke to two different doctors, and finally agreed that he needed an X-ray

The X-ray was quick, but waiting for the results felt like an eternity. Waiting in the waiting room inside the ER felt like I was sitting on a mountain of germs. You probably are anywhere inside of a hospital though.

The doctor showed us his X-ray (did you know that you have to ask to see them now??) and told us that the hourglass of his big toe is completely shattered.

Basically, he told us that to really understand what is going on inside of his foot, imagine a bag of crushed potato chips, that’s what his bone looks like.

After three hours of waiting and making dumb jokes we finally got to leave.

And this is where we are now. He’s hopped up on pain medication, he has made himself a nest and he is playing PubG with his brother.

We still have a little ways to go to figure out the next step. Heh, step. Sorry.

He has to see a specialist sometime this week to find out if he needs rods in his toe or not. Also, he has to figure out if he can work since he works construction and can’t really stand, let alone walk.

We’re both stressed about paying bills and what’s going to happen in the next few weeks. I have a feeling that like always things will work their way out though. We have made it through worse.

He’s hopped up on pain meds and sleeping most of the day today, and will be borrowing a peg leg crutch from my aunt, so thank god for that.

Also, my brother showed me this really cool app that helps you get really affordable prescriptions, even without insurance! It’s called Blink, and if you click that link and use my referral code, you can get $15 off of your first prescription and give me $15 towards my next one. Not sponsored, just cool as hell. I paid $5 for his pain medication so, it’s definitely worth it!

As for right now, I’m focusing on playing nurse to him and being the mom of two dogs that think it’s all about them.

Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

If you would like to donate to the Nichole and Scott need to pay off some hefty medical bills fund, Click here! Even a dollar will be cherished and named promptly.

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