Gift ideas for the impossible to shop for!

Lets be completely honest, we all have someone that is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for.

Ahhh, the season is upon us, Christmas shopping. My two most difficult people to look for gifts for are my dad and my husband. They both don’t want much and when they do want something, its because they can’t justify buying it, or they would already have it(which means I cant afford it). If you, like me are in the same boat and are trying to get ahead on the gift conundrum that leaves you searching until the very last second, look no further help is on the way!

Before we jump into it, you should know that by clicking the affiliate links I provide,  you are helping me earn a little cash to buy these hard to shop for people some gifts! How sweet is that?!

For the person in your life that likes a lot of heat and has a green thumb

The grow your own Carolina reaper sounds like a pretty good time for anyone that would love to nurture the thing that will eventually destroy their insides!

Maybe you have a teenager that is ready to take on the responsibility of a phone!

Or maybe its time to treat yo self for Christmas and get a new phone. Either way, amazon has some pretty sweet deals that you may or may not be able to turn down.

Do you have a LEGO lover in your midst?

This is actually pretty cool and I might get it for both of my big nephews. Mainly so I can play with it. To be honest, I might buy one for myself so I can play with it.

You know theres at least 3 people you know that would die for this.

An attachable wide angle lens for their phone so you can get everyone in that group shot without having to smell Aunt Susan’s “just a dab” of wayyy too much perfume up close. Damnit susan, I can smell it before i walk in the door! Ehm.. its also great for scenic shots.

For the car enthusiasts, the hands on, and the gadget savy

A build your own combustion engine kit! A full hands on experience, build a replica of a real motor that even has a speaker to make it sound like your starting a car. Its getting my need for strange things talking.. its telling me to buy it.

For the person that always talks about making/ eventually making their own alcohol

I’m sure it will peak their curiosity at least, and you get to show a distanced interest in their hobby. Win for you, win for them, WIN FOR EVERYONE HUGS ALL AROUND! You’re so thoughtful!!

For the person that really doesn’t give a shit, but gets a gift still because you love them

Nothing says “I just don’t give a shit” more than a mug that politely displays your feelings.

For the dog/cat you consider your child, since you don’t have any

I mean, who can blame you? The dog? As much as you tell him you know he can talk and does it behind your back, he’s not about to judge you to your face about it. Kids are hard, and expensive, so spoil your furry children while you can!

For the Disney OBSESSED

I had a hard time choosing to show you just one of these things.. notes for a future amazon finds post are being made. I am this person, and I have to say, these are both something I would gush over. The Disney lover in your life will thank you ten times over.

And last but not least

The person that enjoys whimsical or funky art

These are just a few of the upcycled dictionary art pages you can find, there are SO MANY!!


In conclusion

I may have just listed off things that I want or would totally consider giving someone for Christmas. Or Birthmas. Or just because I love them.

All it comes down to is that I do a lot of looking on amazon and not a lot of buying and this justifies it for me!

I hope I helped you with at least one gift this year, but either way, I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

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