We finally have a better couch

I’m using “better” very loosely

We found a couch on craigslist for free, it was broken, and needed to be cleaned, but it had more promise than the one that we currently had.

I am an idiot that didn’t take any pictures of the process, but we fixed it..sort of. You can TOTALLY see where it was fixed, but you arent being forced to fornicate with springs and you arent being sucked into one of the holes thne dog created. I say that makes it a TON better.

Plus its red, and with my gray walls the red makes the room feel ALIVE!

The details on how we fixed it are kind of fuzzy. I was SUPER sick the entire time and all I wanted to do was nap. But we did find a decent hack for replacing dust cloth..  cloth weed barrier for gardening is virtually the same thing and you can get it wayyyyy cheaper.  In total between the staple gun, the cushion and the weed barrier we only spent about $60 on the couch, which is pretty fantastic.

Its cozy and pretty and it will get the job done until we can afford to buy a pretty couch that is brand new and way too expensive.

I know I am lacking detail here, but to my defense, I was sick and scott did 98% of the work while I complained about how I was cold and dizzy and just needed to sit for a minute because I am the worst when i’m sick.

This has been an installment of “Nichole is fever rambling about a couch” I am sorry, and you’re welcome!

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