Today I am celebrating my friends.

I have a two incredibly talented friends. Friends that I have watched become go-getters and strive to be recognized for the talent they have throughout various social media platforms. Today I dedicate this post to them and the amazing work they put into everything they do.

First there is Bre.

Bre is a talented artist, killer graphic designer, and all around good person. While being a mother to two very adorable babies, she has also found who she is outside of that, and that person is unstoppable. 

If you’re looking for some #fitspo, ideas for home decor or some make up magic, her instagram is filled with everything you could ever need. But she’s more than an undiscovered instagram model, and yes she is also a model (what can’t she do?!) She’s one of the best damn artists I have ever known. Every project she does, there’s so much heart and soul in it.

Just look:


Inktober 2017 drawing one. Hope to get some more practice in this October

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I mean…. do I even need to say more? And YES she does take commissions.

And then there is Aaron

This dude has taught me so much about photography and given me so much support and encouragement when it comes to doing what you love even if nobody notices.

Although he is a guy that likes his privacy, he also loves to share his amazing talent with the world. From photo manipulation to painstaking hand drawn zentangle inspired art, he works his head and hands to exhaustion creating masterpieces.

His photographs are beautiful, shocking, and sometimes a bit strange, but that happens to be his personality displayed from his viewfinder to your screen and I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do.


Today I celebrate these two friends out loud for the world to see. I encourage each of you that read this to do the same. Never stop reaching for your goals. Never give up, even when nobody is looking, do it for you.

If you want to share your art, your friend’s art leave a link in the comments below.

Today i’m not sorry, and you’re welcome.

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