How to fix your own couch..maybe.

We have a terrible couch. By terrible I mean completely awful. One cushion isn’t even a cushion, its two king size pillows stuffed into the cover. The other end of the couch has a hole dug into it from our roommate’s ever so lovely dog Spaz.  The rest of the cushions have broken springs and are lumpy beyond all belief.

We thought about getting a new couch, but I don’t have a grand to drop on a couch right now, or ever. I called a few upholstery companies, only to find out that it would cost nearly as much as buying a brand new couch. We have also scoured craigslist and the Facebook marketplace looking for any reasonable contender to be our new sitting companion. No luck.

I have been trying to figure out an affordable way to fix the couch without taking out a loan or going totally broke. I have only had one reasonable idea so far.

My best idea.

We have a giant cloth bag filled with memory foam chunks. Its comfy beyond all reason and is the one piece of furniture that everyone wants to sit on.  Sounds amazing right? If you want one you can buy it through my affiliate link connected in this picture. WAIT before you look at the price and gawk at how I could buy this but not a couch, it was a housewarming gift.

But back to what I was saying.. its just filled with This stuff. What if I filled the cushions with it? Would that work? Is this going to be the most affordable option? I think I may test it out with the pillow stuffed cushion and if it doesn’t work out, I can put all the foam into the beanbag.

I clearly have no idea what i’m doing and I think i am just going to fake it until I make it. Any other ideas are greatly appreciated, accepted and encouraged.

I will update you on any further couch adventures as they come, but for now as always, I’m sorry, and you’re welcome.

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