Costume ideas for adults that want to trick or treat too!

Halloween is tomorrow, so that means you’ve already eaten all the candy you bought for the kids

Whatever will you do? Buy candy that you’re not allowed to eat? I think not! You want to get that shit for free just like the rest of the adults! Granted they have kids they steal it from and you have zero children to take trick or treating.

So you want to trick or treat, but you’re an adult that has no kids.

I don’t blame you! Free candy is the best candy! Plus if you’re out there getting the candy, that means you don’t have to buy candy!

For those of you in that sticky situation that need a little help with the trick or treating without having other adults turn you away here are a few things you could do!

Let’s start with the obvious and say just go for it

Dress up, get your candy bag and go door to door hoping that nobody turns you away because you’re an adult that’s gathering free candy like a kid.


That’s not working?

Tell them your kid is at home sick and you promised them that you would go trick or treating for them. They want the goods shown to them tonight!

Dress up and strap a baby doll dressed up to your body.

Go door to door with your “baby” and tell everyone you weren’t going to let JR miss out on trick or treating. If they ask to see your little bundle of joy, tell them JR is sleeping and you don’t dare wake the baby.

Do the ol sheet ghost trick

They’ll probably just think that you’re a really tall teenager. Make sure to have a youthful sound to your voice when saying trick or treat and thank you to seal the deal

Any costume with a mask should work

I mean who is really going to contest that you are an adult?

These may all be bad ideas

but I didn’t see you coming up with any help for you to get some free candy this year Carol.

As always I’m full of strange ideas. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.

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