Things I never knew I needed until Amazon told me I did

There are some pretty strange things you can buy on amazon.

They aren’t necessarily things that you would want, until you see them that is. Here are a few of the things I never knew I wanted until I saw them. Who knows, maybe I just helped you find something for yourself, your parents, sister, brother or fun aunt Betty. You’re welcome!

These are affiliate links and by purchasing through the link I may earn a little bit of money.

Lets start off with this cute thing!

This throw pillow cover

How adroable is this??? I mean, i have  a thing for bright colorful umbrellas, so its really a hard sell for me. ALSO I would like to imagine that this is the ALT version of the end to How I Met Your Mother since she had a yellow umbrella just like that one. Third bonus, Cat, I don’t need to say anymore.

Finally she’s talking about bread!!

This plushie loaf of bread

First of all, Who wouldn’t want to cuddle a loaf of bread if they could? You can use it as a pillow, use it for bad puns, theme your bedroom with food and constantly be hungry… The options are endless with this little buddy!!

The coffee addict in you is screaming, isn’t it?

This on the go espresso maker

I mostly want this so I don’t have to settle for crappy coffee when camping, but think of all the other places I could use it! Trains, planes, cars, floating down the river! Okay probably none of those are good ideas..  BUT LATTE ON THE GO!!! I’d be forever saving money.

Coffee isn’t your thing? Well, how about them elephants?

Cute Silicone Elephant Tea Strainers

I mean…… c’mon… If you’re going to drink tea, do it with style. A little finesse, if you will.. In all reality I dont drink enough loose leaf tea to justify buying these, but I STILL WANT THEM DAMNIT!

For the slightly creepy, oddly charming cat lovers.

This cat candle that melts into a skeleton

I love the geometric look of this candle, it would be the cutest decoration on its own, but i also can’t handle not burning candles, so I’d enjoy its cuteness for like an hour before I lit it and watched its inner shell emerge.

Something about these screams “IM LIVING THE PIRATES LIFE” to me..
These fun pint glasses

Octopus tentacles threatening to steal my beer? Drunk me says oh hell no octopus! you are not stealing MY beer! Sober me just thinks they are adorable and if I put water in them its natural, like they are in their own habitat.

Remember how I said I really can’t knit? Well I guess I shouldn’t feel bad…

T-Rex Can’t Knit

I need this, mostly because i need somewhere to put my yarn ball since its taking me FOREVER to finish this blanket, I’ll finish it before I die, probably. I shouldn’t feel bad though, a T-REX has short arms, so it would make it incredibly hard to knit and would probably be nowhere near where I am with my blanket by now. OR I am a T-REX and thats my problem.

Scott has told me to quit asking him for things so i think this is where I should stop. I hope you have enjoyed my online window shopping as Scott has called it, or as i’m calling it my future gifts from Scott list.

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