Craigslist is NOT for me

We have been looking for a new couch

We’re also looking for a twin over full bunk bed for our guest room. We went to a few “discounted” furniture stores and laughed at the “discounts and decided to say “fuuuuuck that” because nobody in their right mind wants to drop two grand on a couch or a bunk bed. We have decided to take to Craigslist and see what we can find, but its full of weirdos.

This is the conversation that he just had with some guy that makes me glad I am not the one that has to talk to people

Scott: Hi, I was wondering if you still have the bunk bed

Crazy person: yes. look first, then talk.

CP: prices not cheap. bunkbeds are hard find

S: what?

CP: what at what? what do you mean?

S:  im confused


S: at whatever you were trying to say.

CP: I’m saying bunkbeds are not cheap, you should come look at it before you buy it

at this point im starting to think this dude really has no idea how craigslist works, because obviously we are going to look at it and not blindly hand a stranger money.

S: Obviously I want to look at it. How much are you willing to take for it? I can’t see spending over $40 for a used bunk bed that i have to drive 30 minutes to come look at.

CP: you come look first, then we can decide fair price

S: Look, I just want to know, are you willing to take $40 for it before i come look at it?

CP: We’ll see 😉

S: alright, well, im not interested in this any longer. thanks.

CP: well, you still come look at it, we will work it out. good plan, nice price.

Is “bunkbed” code for something else? did he want sex? OR MURDER?

Either way, I am very grateful for not having to be the one to talk to crazy, because I probably would have gotten really confused and tried to make it work either way and then we’d be dead.


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