Is Pokemon go turning me into a bad person?

Pokemon go may be ruining me as a person.

I have sat down to write SIX separate times today. Nothing has come to my mind and I feel like I am failing. Just when I am settling into what I want this blog to be, I panic. I have nothing to say, to anyone, not even my husband. I told him I really need to get some work done, so we went out and played Pokémon go.

On the plus side, I finally reached level 30 and I am really freaking proud of that!

Want to know a little bit about my playing Pokémon go?

Of course you don’t, let me tell you anyway. I am a Valor(red) player. In my area, we have a pretty big feud with the instinct(yellow) players that is deep seeded and goes further back than I know about. Probably to the beginning of the game when EVERYONE was playing. I made a specific yellow player mad. REALLY REALLY MAD.

For those of you that don’t know, staying in gyms used to be how you get coins, every day was 100 coins per gym, and you had to manually collect. The gyms changed, which means the way you get coins changed a little too. You now get 1 coin for every ten minutes you are in a gym, the coins are automatically delivered to you, but the cap is 50 coins a day.

I have been getting knocked off of gyms in a strategic “no coins” method. You kick someone off a gym before midnight, hoping they’ve already received their coins for the day so they wont get anymore for the day. The other method to making sure someone doesn’t get coins is kicking them off within a few minutes of taking the gym.

We have been in an all out war.

Let me just say, I fucking love being at war with these guys. I have all the time in the world to waste and I don’t take it seriously enough to care. These players are grown men, im talking late 40s early 50s and it pisses them off that a girl, in her 20s is just as good at the game as them.“I’m going to make them wish they never started playing by the time I’m done with them” is the little voice inside my head looking to seek vengeance for all of my friends that are in this battle with me.

What else can I say except, I want to be the very best, like no one ever was…

This has been another installment of Nichole rambles about absolutely nothing for way too long presented by breadloveaffair. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.


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