Things have changed!!

So this week was a VERY big week for me. Well, not like a ton of things happened, two major things did happen, and thats a lot for me right now!

I moved my website to a new host.

Yes, I know, you’re thinking, Nichole, you just redid the look of your website and everyone loved the new clean look. Why move instantly? Well because I felt like I needed to. I needed to do some aesthetically pleasing things beyond the limits of what WordPress was allowing and I needed to figure that out. I also have no idea why I moved. This process has been a whirlwind of me stress yelling at my computer while my husband threatens to take it away if I don’t calm down. Me getting really confused, and changing the look a million different times in a million different ways. This has forced me out of what I was comfortable with and made me do something new completely. I have had to change things around a few times in the past hour. Its a learning process, and even though we’re live now, I may end up changing some things along the way, so bear with me. No really, lets go eat some berries and poop in the woods.

We got a new dog!

I have been waiting for this moment for a while now.  He’s a 2 year old black german shepherd named Gunner. I love him. We found him on craigslist, his old family realized they didn’t have enough time to spend with him like they used to when they got him. They still stay in contact with us and plan to visit him every so often, so i guess you could say its an open adoption. He and I are like two peas, we both have anxiety, although he’s on medication for his.

Gunner has adjusted to living here very well so far. No emotional outbursts, no furniture torn, nothing has been eaten out of stress. We got lucky with him. He’s a well mannered guy, and we spoil him with car rides, walks, playtime and affection.



I like always have rambled myself silly. I’ll leave before i start talking about something nonsensical, like how lawn gnomes are pure evil wrapped in ceramic.

As always, I’m sorry and you’re welcome.



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