Starting over is good

I have reinvented myself many times in my life. I have been forced to start over again and again. Failed relationships, not liking who I was, having horrible friends, and a freaking house fire are some of the things that jump started my starting over.

Its okay to look at your life and realize that you aren’t happy. Its not okay to realize that and only dwell on it, complain about, and do nothing to change it. You hear time and time again that quitting is failure. Its not. I know, shocker, right? You never hear people say that the smoker that quit failed at smoking, do you? That standard should rest with everything else.

If you have a dream, reach for it. I am by no means telling you to quit your job to pursue that acting career you’ve always dreamed of having without having a role waiting. That would be insanity. What I’m saying is don’t let failure hold you back from it. So you’re quiet, awkward, and lack social skills, you can learn to get past that and be that person. Right now i know you’re rolling your eyes and saying “Nichole, you’re still that person, quit telling me what to do. How am I supposed to do that if you can’t” Well, do as I say and not as I do also quit asking questions Susan! You’re a stranger on the internet and i’m talking to you right now, so how do you like them apples.

Starting over can also mean dumping all of your crap friends that make you feel self conscious, are just a bit too immature for your liking, or don’t care enough about you to know whats going on in your life but you know everything about theirs. I had a friend like that last one once. We were friends for 6 years before I realized I could just stop being her friend. She would only call me when she needed something. When she got her heart broken, or there was drama that she was involved with and it was e x h a u s t i n g. So, I decided to stop being friends with her. The world didn’t fall apart, nobody died, and other than the fact that I removed her from my friends on Facebook, I don’t think she would have known any different otherwise. You don’t need people in your life that make you feel like crap. You don’t need to feel like you’re the foundation holding a relationship together platonic or romantic.

You could start over by doing the trendy thing and purging all the things that don’t bring you joy. Or! or! or! you can do what I did (this is not recommended by the way) and have a house fire!! Oh boy theres nothing that says starting over like oh my god, all my stuff is destroyed! Begin again, although, let me state for a second time, I really don’t think the house fire thing is a great idea. Theres a lot of PTSD that comes with that one that is not worth reinventing yourself over. Lets look at the other one though, shall we? Get rid of the things you haven’t touched in months, get rid of the things that every time you have to clean it you get angry (no not your toilet OR your entire kitchen) get rid of the things that constantly make wonder where they came from and why they’re there. That sweater thats 3x too small for you and probably came from a friend of a friend with really bad taste, THROW IT AWAY, she’s not going to miss it if its been there for 6 months, and if she does, HER LOSS it was at your house for six months.

While we’re on the topic of starting over, have you noticed anything yet? huh? have you? No, its not my hair, and I didn’t lose weight over night (I freaking wish!) I revamped the look of this place!! Have a look around and then come back here and tell me if you like it or if you hate it or if theres something I could do differently to make your time here just a little bit better. Just please take off your shoes before you enter the carpets are white, and new.


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Thank you, I’m sorry, and you’re welcome.

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