Lets throw this back baby!

So, I have been in a bit of a funk lately, if you haven’t noticed. When i feel like writing something I cant think of anything and when I don’t feel like writing or am completely unable to write, I have a million ideas and a thousand things to say. I mean, I quickly forget about them the second I go to jot them down, because who would I be if I didnt to that, amirite? I was thinking about how social media used to be so simple when i was younger and it was new, it was about talking to my friends, not getting likes on a post. It was about being in the top 8 of multiple friends on Myspace and getting into feuds with those that wouldn’t place you in their top 8. Let me also clarify- I was in middle/high school when myspace was a thing, so that may have been the source of the feuds as well.

It got me thinking though, you know what I miss? Myspace surveys. I would spend HOURS doing those things. So, I whipped out the ol trusty google machine and found one that im going to do, right here, right now. Usually I save this for the end, but I feel like I owe it to you now.. I’m sorry, and you’re welcome. LETS THROW IT BACK BABY!

1. I wish I had more….

money. 😉

2. I wish people were….

Stalking me, at least i know im interesting a little bit if i have a stalker.

3. I wish I was …

not overheated at this current moment, this laptop is FRYING my legs.

4. I wish my friends…

were not busy with “families” and “working” all the time.. dont they know im the center of the universe?

5. I wish for…

more wishes. I dont see any rules against that. Fight me Susan

6. If I had a million dollars I would….

be set for life with the right investments.

7. If I could fly I would….

never have to face my fear of airport anxiety

8. I dream of a better….

espresso machine, mines on its last leg,

9. The rain reminds me of….

my mom.

10. I fear….

fucking everything all the time. and also not that much. its complicated

11. Stormy nights are….

the best nights. I sleep so well.

12. The sea is like….

am I supposed to come up with a simile for these ones? I was never good at that.

13. Eyes are…

for seeing? what else would they be for? smelling? although, can you imagine?

14. I cannot stand when….

my knees hurt. arthritis is one son of a bitch.

15. A song that reminds me of love is….

lips of an angel…just kidding, probably would have said that in 2005 though. ummmm, thinking out loud by ed sheeran? its my wedding song.

16. Love is….

bringing me a pb&j when i didnt ask

17. Hate is….

giving me strawberry or grape jelly.

18. Death is….

expected at some point.

19. Flowers are….

bee attracters.

20. If I could grow….

Like two inches taller that’d be nice. 5’1″ is not the best height for anything.

21. I would like….

to find out the mysteries of the world at some point

22. I need more….

shorts. its hot AF and im running out of clean clothes and i dont want to do the laundry

23. I wish I had less….

time to wait before we close on our house.. its been SO long here.

24. I would like to give….

anyone who is still reading this a big gold star and a hug. You’re a real trooper.

25. Life is….

dull as fuck. I should probably do something about that

26. My mom is….

a badass wonder woman. She has 4 needy adult children that she never has abandoned by the side of the road, though at some points im sure seemed tempting. We’re all ungrateful assholes

27. Poems are…

sometimes thoughtful, but cheesy most of the time.

29. Life can be so….

good. Im lucky I am where I am today.

30. Dreams are….

strange. I had a dream the other night that Scott adopted like 10 dogs and then wouldn’t let me lay in the dog pile with them. rude.


Well.. there you go a Myspace survey that surely chased you away from me forever. Please dont go! My ego I need you!

Again, Im sorry and you’re welcome.

(really though please come back, im not normally like this I swear.)

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