I got hurt doing something fun.

Sunday of Memorial day weekend I spent my morning photographing a marathon. For the rest of the week I have been paying for standing in one spot twisting back and forth to get shots of the racers. I have not been able to move, if I do I look like Quasimodo, hunched over and hobbling everywhere. The only solace i can take in not doing anything is I have my grandpa’s very cuddly kitten Jasper to comfort me.

On the bright side, i did get some great shots, like this one here:



It was around the lake, so the scenery was a big helper in getting some pretty shots. They are all pretty cookie cutter of one another, other than the smiles of some and the determination of others. There was one guy in particular that stood out to me (not this guy shown here) he was insanely positive and happy to be out and running and it was just so inspiring!

Being out in the sun and around the lake also played a great role in a medium sized sunburn. I know what you’re thinking, “Nichole, ALWAYS remember sunscreen!” I did. My skin is so light that I think i would have to have SPF 10000 for it to work. That or I’m just lucky and always choose the faulty sunscreen. Either way, it was a good day. An exhausting day, but well worth it and even though I have to wake up at 5am to go take pictures of people running, I would SO do it again.

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2 thoughts on “I got hurt doing something fun.

  1. Being a redhead, I know the faults of sunscreen all too well. Nothing under 50spf and apply every 2 hours. That usually does the trick for me. 🙂

    • I’m glad you’ve found a system that works for you! I’m kind of an apply it and assume it will work all day kind of person. It’s my biggest downfall 😂😂

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