Can clothes breed? 


If I never have to fold another article of clothing in my life again, all would be right with the world. Can clothes breed? Because I don’t remember having so much of it. 

For the past two days i have been catching up on the laundry I have been avoiding. And to be honest, i never really fold or hang my laundry. I usually shove it in to its designated drawer (or the closet) and call it good. If I really dont feel like doing anything I will just leave it in the basket and hope the laundry elves come put it away for me. Please tell me I’m not the only one that does this.

Since we are moving soon, as in our lease is up and we have to be out April 30th even if we can’t move into our new house yet, I have been trying to form better habits when it comes to cleaning. I have started loading the dishwasher as i use dishes, and unloading it as soon as the dishes aren’t too hot to handle. This also means i have been folding my laundry. Mostly so I can place it in baskets or boxes and go when the time to move comes.

I dont know if I have expressed this yet, but i fucking hate packing. Every bit of me wants to throw all the things we own away and get new stuff, its just stuff after all. The logical part of me says “shut up, do you know how much money that would cost to replace?” and then I’m like what the fuck do you even know carol? you’re not even real. You don’t pay these bills.  Scott then asks me who I am talking to and I say nobody, I’m just thinking out loud. He then asks me who carol in and my answer is always “A nosy bitch, thats who”.  I’m a little strange we already established this.

Honestly I’m writing this as procrastination on doing more laundry, because I am a horrible person that can’t do anything without getting distracted. I should pack more. Wish me luck.

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