I am a HUGE chicken

Here are the list of people in my everyday life that know that I have a blog:

  • me
  • my husband, Scott
  • my mom

Why you may ask? People scare me, if you are a stranger on the internet and you are mean, i can block you, i can look away, i don’t have to see you at family functions or friendly get togethers. I don’t have to care if you don’t like my writing, or what I have to say, and you don’t have any social obligation to read it or to tell me you don’t like it.

Am I a big fat chicken? yes. yes i am. Will I ever tell anyone outside of this three people ring? Probably slowly, to people I know will be supportive, and then to the rest once i know I am confident in what i am doing.

Right now I’m a baby learning to walk. I’m barely two months into this(unnecessary side note, i dont think two month old babies can walk), I’m just finding my footing and hoping i won’t fall. The people that know about this, are people I trust won’t judge me if I slip and land on my face. And if i do, they won’t laugh about it.

So if you know me in the real scary world and you found your way here, hello. To those that dont know me and also stumbled into here, hello. To both friends and strangers, This is what I am doing, trying to learn to walk the best I can.

I’m sorry, and you’re welcome.

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