I have been fretting over paint colors recently.

I am trying to find the colors that make me feel all warm and fuzzy and calm inside. I’m leaning toward light blues and soft grey. It would all be perfect, if Scott wasn’t colorblind. “Theres no way I’m letting you paint our living room purple” he says to me shocked that I would even suggest such a thing. “Its a light blue, its barely blue, its almost white!” i exclaim to him knowing fully that he’s not able to see the actual color. I then show him a purple in the same lightness of the blue that he swears up and down is purple. “That blue is okay” he says to me happy that we could come to a color we both like in agreement “This is purple” I say to him like the sarcastic asshole that i am. “I’m not painting our living room purple” He exclaims back at me like he knew all along. “we’ll call it blurple” he then said laughing. “I knew you showed me the same paint swatch both times.”

I don’t think we will ever paint our new home at this rate. Its not even 100% totally ours yet and this is what I’m dealing with. COLORBLIND MADENSS, but i love him, so I’ll totally trick him into thinking that he’s picking the color. Let him pick out the color.

Yes, I plan things way too far in the future. I like to be prepared. Scott on the other hand, he likes to “go with the flow” in other words wait until the very last minute and then scramble to get everything together. That is my living nightmare. My actual worst fear come to life is to have nothing planned and put together before the time to do it is actually here.

To be fair, Scott may be putting up this fight because he wants the whole house to be camouflage and look like we’re on a forever hunting trip. To be quite honest, I’d rather not. My bathroom and bedroom have been decked out in camo for the past three years, its my turn.

Wish me luck.. I think I’m going to need it. Or vodka. whichever is easier.

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  1. Oh bless you. I butted heads with my ex on home decor all the time, and he wasn’t even on MY lease! That’s right… it was MY apartment that he stayed at a couple nights a week, and on a few occasions, I came home from work and my entire living room or bedroom would be rearranged because he felt it ‘looked better.’ There’s not a lot worse than having to butt heads with your spouse on decor for your house. I’m sure many relationships have ended in the wake of such occurrences. Luckily for me, my Fella leaves the decorating up to me, and of course, I wouldn’t want it any other way. 🙂 Good luck!

    • Oh my goodness! I go crazy if the plates are put away in the wrong cupboard! I could not imagine that! I have slowly been coaxing hubs into the colors I want, but it’s tricky, because I have to be sweet and pushy at the same time 😂

      • You have to use reverse psychology to make him think he picked the color even though its the one you’ve wanted the whole time… I know how it goes. 😉

        • oh trust me, I’ve got this reverse psychology thing working in full effect, tonight i suggested a golden patina over red which sent him into a flurry of showing me ALMOST the color range i was thinking of in the beginning. I think we’re almost there!

  2. Mine isn’t even colorblind and I’ve been arguing about what color our hallway actually is for four years now. My advice: make friends with the paint department guys and just come home one day with the paint and all supplies, ready to go like everything has been decided; tell him if he wants it done differently, he can redo it after living with it for a year. (That’s what I told Husband, and he’s still kvetching but hasn’t actually picked up a roller or anything.)

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