Pinterest is ruining my life

I have a problem, I don’t know how to decorate in real life. 

 I want the Pinterest house of my dreams. I also suck at DIY projects. When it comes to crafting I get too excited and impatient. Also, my husband is putting up a fight on everything I want to do. “It’s too girly” “I hate grey” “I bet you’re going to cover the whole fucking house in glitter.” Are the three main things I hear when I start talking about decorating our new house. 

The number on thing he says is “why can’t we just comprimise?” Whenever I suggest anything which is code for “it’s too girly and I hate it.” Truth is, if he had his way everything would be rustic and decked out in camo. Negative ghost rider. 

He’s getting his man cave that can be decorated however he wants, so don’t think I’m just being an asshole. I even offered to paint it camouflage for him. I have lived in his style of decorating our whole relationship, which is throw things on a wall and call it good. I want my pretty house damnit! 

I don’t know how to get him to agree to what I want, or how to make him think it was his idea. I also don’t know how to decorate how I would like without spending bunches. I just want a pretty house. 

My colorblind husband hates every color I like. I also am so overwhelmed by all the color choices and combinations that I can’t decide what color would actually be right.  

I’m probably jumping the gun stressing about things I don’t need to worry about quite yet, but I can’t help it. That’s who I am. 

Any suggestions on how to figure this out are welcome. 

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