I can’t think.

Have you ever had one of those days where you just can’t think?

I have gone upstairs at least five times today to do the same thing. Every time i get up there, i have forgotten what i was going up there for. I finally had to repeat it out loud as I walked up the stairs so I wouldn’t forget. If anyone in the place behind mine is home they might think I’m a little off. With every step I’m chanting “hair tie, charger, jacket” or they think I’m trying to invent something really weird. Either way, I can’t wait to not be where people hear me do weird things.

I have been trying to write something for about an hour now, in that time i have gone back and forth on wanting to make a coffee and not wanting to get up. I already made a coffee today, its sitting next to me, I just forgot I have it. On top of that, everything i have tried to write today has been total nonsense babble that even bores me when i read it back.

I think I’m just having a really rough day. I have had a pretty rough week actually. My husband’s grandpa passed away on Monday, which was something we knew was coming. I feel bad saying it, but I’m not really affected by it. I mean I’m sad, but I barely knew him, so I’m not full of grief. We’ve been dealing with the aftermath of all of that and taking care of his parents and making sure his grandma is alright.That same day, we found out we got the house that I wanted so bad and we’ve been dealing with the financing of it.

So Im a little sick (i feel like I have the flu, but I don’t have a fever?) I’m a little sad, and Im pretty stressed out. Its making my brain not want to cooperate with me.

Hows your week going?



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