I might be the most interestingly boring person ever

I have been a lazy sick human lately, and i can’t for the life of me think of anything SUPER interesting to list fun facts about this Friday, so you’re going to learn some facts about me instead. Im sorry and you’re welcome.

1. I am obsessed with animals

I get maybe a little too emotional about animals and cute things animals do. I have owned guinea pigs, bearded dragons, an array of different fish, hamsters, green cheeked conures, dogs and cats. 

2. I have three siblings

I have two brothers and one sister. Somehow my parents managed to have the boy-girl-boy-girl pattern happen. My home was a circus growing up, because we’re all so close in age, and I’m surprised my mom didn’t go completely insane

3. My little sister was born on my third birthday

 I dont remember what its like to have my own birthday, and now that we life so far away its still weird not having someone that cares that its your birthday as much as you care that its your birthday.

4. My husband tricked me into falling in love with him.

Okay, its not as bad as it sounds. He had been in love with me for YEARS. We have known each other since we were 12, and we’ve been best friends for 7 years. When he went into the marines i realized that he was more than my best friend, i was in fact in love with him. He ended up getting an ELS due to downsizing (thats a whole story in itself )and we’ve been together since he got home. 5 years today actually. 

5. I suck at keeping my house clean

I would rather do anything else. Watch tv, sleep, stare at the ceiling not doing anything. Its not that I’m lazy, its that I get easily overwhelmed. If I clean I can’t do a simple pick up and wipe down, I have to do the whole 9 yards of organization and scrubbing. I turn a mole hill into a mountain. 

6. I don’t have a drivers license

Yes. I’m 24 and I don’t drive. Im terrified of driving, I even have nightmares about it. I know I need to get my drivers license, I hate being stuck and rely on people to take me places, but I never took drivers ed as a teenager, nobody would take me to drive and honestly its a little embarrassing to attempt to get my license as an adult because i care too much what strangers think.

7. I have a sleeping problem

I could sleep 14 hours and be exhausted, I could sleep 8 hours and be exhausted. I dont remember a time when I wasn’t exhausted. Even as a kid I remember not being able to wake up enough to go to school and focus. I always wanted to go to sleep. I have tried to reset my sleeping schedule, I have tried taking supplements to give me energy, I have tried sleeping with and without white noise, I have tried sleeping with and without the tv. I am always tired and I could sleep for years.

8. I paint to relieve stress and anxiety attacks

I follow along with painting tutorials from The Art Sherpa most of the time, because its nice to paint and understand how do get things to look right and why they look right when you do certain things.

9. Mozzarella sticks are my one true weakness

If I have the option, mozzarella sticks are always what i choose as a treat. My husband uses this to his advantage and bribes me with them, and coffee, to get up and do things I dont want to go do. Also he uses them to cheer me up, because if melted cheese doesn’t make you smile, what are you even doing with your life? Avoiding dairy because you’re lactose intolerant, because same, but I don’t listen.

10. I procrastinate

I have been doing it all day, i was supposed to clean my kitchen, and instead I FaceTimed with my mom so my nephew could play a strange version of hide and seek with her. I also need to start packing my house, because my lease is up sometime in April, and I can’t get myself to do that. Mostly because what do you pack when you want to throw everything you don’t use away?


So there are some very odd and out of place facts about me. I hope you enjoyed at least one of them, because i enjoy most of them.

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