I spent a day playing god

I recently remembered I have the sims 3 on my computer. How I ever forgot, I dont know, but for the last day I have been lost in a wormhole. It started last night at 8pm with me saying i’ll just play for an hour or so, and next thing i knew it was 2AM. I was lost in time, inside of this fake reality and I LOVED it.

It started with me creating all new people, the perfect sims in my mind. I got them all set up, and gave them a lot of money using ‘MOTHERLODE’ because lets be honest, who doesn’t cheat at the sims for money? Anyway, I set the house up and made everything wonderful, and then I killed them one by one. I got bored with them, and they were annoying and its not real life, so why not. I guess I might be a monster if the sims had any real world concepts, but they can’t walk through a room if a chair is placed wrong, so who cares.

I started new and made a whole new person and set them up and sent them to college, and everything was going great, she was passing school, and had a boyfriend. I then got bored, and got her a new boyfriend, but I forgot to break things off with the old one. I have to say, watching two sims fight is one of the most hilarious things.

I dont know what it is about this game, but I got lost in it for HOURS today. I spent 6 hours laying around sick playing a game. I spent a day playing god, or a sim-like version of god. Maybe its the need for controlling every situation and outcome that i have, but I love this game. I have no regrets about playing all day long, although i do regret killing off the beautiful people i created. I think I would rather live in this pretend world all the time.  If I have to be sick, i guess this was the best way to spend a day.

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