She’s my spirit animal.

My little sister stole my birthday.

When I was two years old one of my first memories was of me standing in a circle with my dad, my mom, and my older brother. We were talking about what to name the new baby. “butt face” was my brothers suggestion. Honestly, I think she would have liked that name, she does like her poop jokes. My suggestion was “butterfly” which i can only assume was the better of the two. I mean if they were asking a 2 and 4 year old for advice on a siblings name I have no idea why her name isn’t butterfly. I mean other than the fact that my parents aren’t really what you would call free spirits.

When i was three, I woke up on my birthday, knowing fully it was my birthday. My grandma was in my house and my parents were nowhere to be found. This asshole decided to steal my sunshine, my spotlight, my birthday! It wasn’t planned like this, at least my mother has never admitted to it. But I have my theories on party planning savings and two for one toy sales. I have a ton of ill informed conspiracy theories surrounding my mother, but thats another story for another day.

I told everyone she was the best birthday present ever, I had my very own sister finally. Having two brothers already, this was a big deal to me. I finally got the sister I thought I always wanted.

Growing up, she stole my toys, and my clothes, and the attention. She is the smart witty one, she’s the one that tries hard at everything she does. When I was younger, it annoyed me. It was so irritating that she got away with everything, and that my parents were always so proud of her. It made me feel like she was the favorite and I didn’t like her for it. I used to say that I regret the words “best birthday present ever” because she clearly wasn’t as a teenager.

As an adult, I take that back. She is strong, and smart, and independent. She’s brave and not afraid to state her opinions and hold herself to what she believes. She’s my reality check. She’s my “talk to if you need a good laugh” person. She is my spirit animal.

I am so proud to have such a wonderful, strong, smart, caring, beautiful sister. I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else’s sister. If she knows it or not, she has been my best friend all her life. And she’s the only birthday gift I have never lost.

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