We’ve all done things we regret

Looking back and regretting things i have done is my specialty, we’ve all done things we regret, am i right? You know, like losing self control and eating your feelings in that whole pizza. Saying to yourself, “Im pretty sure i have my keys in here somewhere” as you grab your purse and walk out the door only to find that you completely locked yourself out. Not listening to a conversation and agreeing to do something for someone with the “oh yeah, totally” response because you don’t want to admit you were totally not listening. Saying “sorry Susan, I was too busy thinking about what a llama would look like with a full suit on to keep listening to you talk about how you have to move in three days” just isn’t a suitable answer sometimes ever. But now you’re stuck helping Susan move on your only days off in two weeks.

When i am sleep deprived and alone is when I do most of my regrettable things, like looking at an eyeshadow palette and thinking to myself “I wonder what this would look like if i put this all over my face” Well let me tell you, i have done just that.

Here are the saved snaps to prove the regret.img_0791img_0792img_0793img_0794img_0795

that face above my friends is what regret looks like. Eventually it all came off, but it took a little more work than it should have because apparently your pores like to suck up the pigment from eyeshadow. Totally should have thrown a primer on my face to avoid that, lesson learned.

What I’m getting at here, is that even if you regret something, theres always something you can learn from it. Don’t look back at your regrets and cringe, try to find the lesson in it.

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2 thoughts on “We’ve all done things we regret

  1. I did this once with lipstick and lipgloss. Guess what? There is no chemical on Earth that will remove that stuff and is safe to use around your eyes. Yeah. That’s some “five burritos” level of regret right there. (which I’ve also done and don’t want to talk about)

    Basically what I’m saying is, You Are Not Alone.

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