Things I do that I shouldn’t

I do some strange things, and some seriously “Nichole what the fuck” things. I have very little self control when it comes to indulging in the things I love. Here are a few of the things I know I should stop doing, but probably won’t.

  • Get up to eat after I have gone to bed

Every time I go to bed I lay there and realize I’m starving. Late night snacks are the best though.

  • Watch real life horror stories on YouTube

I once was paranoid that someone was living in my house under the radar because of a YouTube video and some suspicious evidence that turned out to be my husband sleepwalking

  • Eat like a toddler

I could eat chicken strips and totinos pizzas until I die.

  • Drink a redbull and a quad shot latte in the same day

I know I could actually die from the caffeine intake, but they’re both so delicious how can I choose only one?

  • Avoid brushing my teeth because I’m not going anywhere

Disgusting, I know. It’s only sometimes. But if I’m alone all day, and my mouth feels not gross when I wake up I will wait until later or even until bed time to brush my teeth.

  • Do the smell and wear test on shirts

I’m lazy and hate doing laundry every day, okay?

  • Drink until I’m sick

I don’t drink often, but when I do, it’s usually until I regret it. I mean my max is 3 cocktails.. and they’re sooo yummy, why not one more?

  • Eat apples

I’m allergic to apples. I get covered in strange hives that last for weeks. Every now and then though I have to have one. I LOVE apples! Around the holidays I usually have Claritin on hand in case of apple pie.

  • Care what strangers think

Which is weird, because why the hell should I? I mean yeah the guy over there is staring at me making puns, but why the fuck would I get quiet because of that? ┬áHe probably thinks I’m hilarious too, and if you’re right and he thinks you’re obnoxious, who the hell cares? *does not apply to real life

  • Avoid responsibility until it’s too much to handle

I hate house work, I have a mountain of laundry to do 90% of the time because I wait until it’s too late to start doing the work.

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