Its Love day.


Valentines day makes people warm and fuzzy with love, So let me run down memory lane and tell you a love story.

In 8th grade three boys used to tease me and make me cry (I was and still am an overly sensitive person) They called me names that I can only roughly decipher what one of them meant to this day. One of those three boys was Scott. As you can probably guess, it was the “i picked on you because you’re cute” scenario.

Scott and I have known each other since we were twelve, but didn’t become friends until we were seventeen. When we finally became friends, we became best friends. I loved him as a friend, and he always loved me. We talked for hours every night, we shared the deepest thoughts imaginable, and talked about the strangest most random things. The only thing keeping me from falling in love with him then was that I had a boyfriend.

I had a horrible boyfriend, the kind that walks all over you and you thank him for the footprints on your clothes. I was blindly crazy for this guy, literally crazy, and it killed Scott to watch. Every fight, every time we broke up, every little thing, Scott was always there for me. My boyfriend went to jail, I called Scott crying. He probably couldn’t understand a word I was saying, but he talked me out of hysteria and calmed me down and didn’t get off the phone with me until he knew I was okay. I could always hear the sadness in his voice when i talked about my boyfriend though.

Valentines Day 2011 was the beginning of something I didn’t even know was starting. Scott and I had made plans to hang out since my boyfriend didn’t want to make plans.Scott and I spent the night driving around wondering what two people with no money should do on valentines day. We ended up parking downtown by the lake and talking until the windows fogged up, and then we drew pictures on the window. We ended up hanging out with someone that wanted to show him where this really huge hole in a muddy wooded area was, i was wearing heels and I couldn’t walk, so even though my feet got all muddy and got him muddy scott gave me a piggy back ride.

This was the start of me falling madly in love with him. This is the valentines day I look back and have the fondest memories of.

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