Let me introduce myself,

My name is Nichole.

I am 24, I’m a housewife and part time babysitter of a very rambunctious nephew. I don’t have much going on for me other than being the worst housewife on the planet. Don’t get me wrong I make sure dinner is done and that my husband has clothes to wear everyday, but I suck at keeping my house clean. I would rather binge watch Netflix all day than clean my house. I sleep past noon most days and I stay up until weird hours of the morning googling strange things.

I don’t have a shopping addiction, but I do have an addiction to coffee. If i don’t have coffee, I get cranky. Not necessarily because I need it, but because i want it. Its the equivalent to a toddler not getting a toy. I know, really mature, right?

I love to paint, even though I am only mediocre at it, the same with photography. I care FAR too much what other people think and I can’t really hold myself together most days. I spend most of my days in sweats and a messy bun, because I don’t have anyone to impress.  I am a champion of organizing things, but I live the most unorganized life.

My screen name for everything is breadloveaffair, because its hilarious and true, but it never really had anything to do with bread other than my love of it knowing fully that it is the sole reason I gained 40 pounds since my 20th birthday.

If you have stumbled upon this, I am both sorry, and you’re welcome, welcome to the tornado.

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